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Different solutions for booking your sessions

We offer two ways of organizing the bookings of your employees’ sessions.

Both solutions present their pros and cons and their choice will depend on your company’s size and policies.


We offer the possibility of using an allied third party specialising in on-line bookings.

Your employees must register first with an Id and a password before being able to access the booking area.

click here to access the booking system

Your employees are then free to manage their bookings on their own.


An internal solution for your session bookings is similar to your room booking facilities.

A dedicated email and associated calendar could be assigned to the session bookings. This specific calendar is accessible in reading and writing by all your employees but the name of the booked employee remains private and hidden to the other employees. A very few adjustments to this calendar booking are needed to be installed by your IT department.

We are ready to discuss this subject further with your IT team, if necessary.



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