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"You are what you eat" is a now famous aphorism originally from the son of the medical doctor Henry Lindlahr, founder of Naturopathy.

Nutrition is central to our lives as demonstrated by the wide range of its academic studies, in disciplines ranging from scientific ones such as Biochemistry and Agronomy, up to human sciences such as History, Ethnology/Anthropology, Medical Sciences, Economy and Politics.


On a therapeutic point of view, Nutrition is as the very epicentre of Health. The choice of food influences many human dimensions such as mind, immunity, skeleton, body fat, physical performance, degenerative diseases, reproduction, etc...


The nutrition service we offer is diagnostic and curative:

- screening of health biomarkers in order to build an image of the health status of the individual,

- and provision of a nutritional programme to improve/correct any imbalance.



Initial health screening
• 30-minute session designed to measure standard markers of health status such as fasting blood glucose, fasting blood cholesterol, blood pressure and body composition.
• Prior to this consultation you will be asked to fast.
• Prior to the initial nutrition consultation you will be asked to fill in a five-day food diary.

Initial nutrition consultation
• An in-depth health and dietary analysis.
• An understanding of how you diet affects your health.
• A personalised programme constructed to address your health concerns, symptoms and lifestyle.
• Supplement advice and diagnostic laboratory testing is available if appropriate.

Follow-up consultation
• A 60-minute consultation is recommended one month later to review your progress and recommend changes









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